Tips for helping to find the top cash back credit cards, some offering new bonus and incentives into 2014 for the optimal cash back card offers. Learn how to identify cash back promotions, what cards have loopholes and what credit cards you should use for buying gas, groceries, going out to eat or everyday purchase items.

Well over half of all transactions are made with a credit card, and almost half of the credit cards available today offer a cash back reward system, which is obviously an appealing thought to a consumer who uses their card on a daily basis. Consumers need to be aware of the requirements that can either increase or decrease their rewards, depending on their personal spending habits.

Not all credit cards have the same requirements, and it is important for a consumer to consider all of their options before applying for a card. Knowing their spending habits will go a long way to helping consumers choose the appropriate card for them. A common theme with cash back rewards cards is offering a higher percentage in a certain category, meaning that a transaction at the gas pump could earn more rewards than one at the grocery store. These categories usually rotate quarterly so it is important to be aware of the current category to maximize rewards.

Another common requirement is that the balance on the card needs to be paid in full every month. Paying less than your minimum payment may result in the cash back reward being forfeited. Spending limits may also be in the fine print. Some cards have limits that are several thousand dollars over a certain time period. While rewards are earned during the time it takes a consumer to reach their spending threshold, those rewards are usually a fraction of what is offered after the spending goal is reached. In addition to being required to reach a certain limit before full rewards kick in, some cards put a limit on the amount you can spend and still receive cash back rewards. Even in their designated category, spending limits are a common place stipulation for most cash back credit cards. Also, not all cards automatically credit the cash back reward to the consumer. Some do offer automatic rebates, which mean the cardholder does not have to request their reward at all. Others cards, however, require the account owner to request the rewards, and they usually offer several options for how they will be credited to the customer. The options range from mailing the customer a check to applying the credit on their credit card statement or even sending a gift equal to the reward amount they have earned. Consumers should investigate the options for cashing in their rewards when choosing a card. Some cards insist on applying the credit to the customer’s statement.

Cash back rewards are an appealing offer, but consumers should know what to look for to optimize their rewards value. Not everyone is going to reap the most benefits from the same card. Doing some research will go along way to helping anyone apply for the best card for them.

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