If you are searching for a reward or cash back credit card, then it makes sense to compare the Capital One Savor and the Chase Freedom. I’ll be giving you everything you need to know from cash back bonuses to APR. I’ve done all the research so you don’t have to, so let’s get it started.

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The Capital One Savor

This card is made for a person that enjoys fantastic food and excellent entertainment, with 4% cash back on anything related. What does this include? Well, it turns out it covers a wide range of dining and entertainment expenses. For dining, it could be restaurants, fast-food, bakeries, nightclubs and a lot more. There are just as many options when it comes to entertainment. You could catch a movie, go to the zoo or a theme park. That was just some options there are many more to choose from, it really is a wide range. Don’t worry if you’re not a massive diner, you can still gain cash back rewards, they offer 2% at grocery stores and 1% on all other purchases. Not bad for the annual fee of $95, don’t worry the first year is free.

If you’re a big spender you can gain a $500 cash back bonus for spending $3,000 within the first three months. The annual fee won’t seem so bad after that.

This card is great for a businessman that regularly takes clients on business meals or out for entertainment.

To be eligible for this it is recommended you have a credit score around 690-850.


* No foreign transaction fees when making a purchase outside the United States.

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* Price protection – if you find a cheaper price within 120 days of purchase you get reimbursed the difference.

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* Extended warranty for eligible items purchased with the credit card.

* 24-hour travel assistance if lost or stolen, you can get an emergency card and a cash advance.

Regular APR

16.74%-25.74% variable APR.

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Chase freedom

This card is mainly aimed at people beginning their credit card experience, or someone that enjoys a cash back lifestyle. With 5% cash back bonuses on certain items and 1% on all purchases, it’s not hard to see people are opting for this card.To gain the 5% bonus you must activate your card online if you don’t this, you’ll get caught out with the 1% bonus for the quarter. One thing you need to know is that categories for the 5% cash back bonuses rotate every quarter. Luckily they cover a wide range usually, for example, gas stations and grocery stores.

With this, you can enjoy a no annual fee, unlike the Capital One Savor which is $95 per year. The Chase Freedom card also offers a $150 bonus if you spend $500 within the first 3 months of opening the account.

To be eligible for this it is recommended you have a credit score around 690-850.


* 5% cash back on rotating purchases, plus 1% on all purchases.

* No annual fee.

* Your cash back rewards do not expire as long as the account stays open.

* Low intro APR stands at 0% for the first 15 months.

Regular APR

16.99%-25.74% variable APR.


Both cards offer excellent cash back rewards, but for me, the Capital One Savor wins the top trumps. Mainly due to having more consistent cash back rewards, the rotating rewards from the Chase Freedom just doesn’t do it for me.

Where the Chase freedom card does win is with the no annual fee, this makes it great for the beginner, $95 can be too much