The Travel Rewards Credit Card is an excellent credit card choice for customers who have a credit score in the range of 670-850. This credit score range makes this credit card best suited for customers who have very good credit scores. The Barclay Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard also has a recommended credit score between 670-850. Both of these cards’ highly selective credit score range make them best suited for customers who are very smart with their credit cards. Customers who have a history of poor credit card management may want to steer away from purchasing these credit cards.

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Travel Rewards Card Reviewed

The Travel Rewards Card has a regular APR range between 17.24% and 25.24%. makes clear that customers’ exact APR will largely depend on purchases and balance transfers made with the credit card. The Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard has an APR range between 18.24% and 22.24%. In the event that a customer has a historically low credit score, their APR can go as high as 25.24%. However, most customers’ APR will fall between the usual 18.24%-22.24% range. Barclays states that a customer’s APR is a result of the customer’s creditworthiness. Both of these credit cards have very similar APR ranges, with the Travel Rewards Card having just a slightly lower range. However, the difference is only 1%.

The Travel Rewards Card has a $0 annual fee. On the other hand, the Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard has an $89 annual fee. However, Barclays waves this fee for the first year of card use. Customers who are very worried about spending money to own a credit card will much prefer the Travel Rewards Card.

The Travel Rewards Card’s rewards system is very simple. rewards customers 1.5 points per dollar spent using the credit card. These points have no limit and never expire. These points can be used to purchase flights, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, rental cars, and baggage fees. This points system is best geared for frequent travelers who find themselves needing these services often. The Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard rewards its customers 2 miles per dollar spent. These miles can then be redeemed for travel-related expenses. Again, this credit card is ideal for frequent travels, especially those who are long-distance travelers. Both of these cards are great for any type of traveler.

gives its customers 25,000 bonus points if the customer spends $1,000 using the Travel Rewards Card in the first 90 days of card activity. The Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard gifts its new customers 70,000 bonus miles if the customer spends $5,000 within 90 days of card activation. These introductory bonuses make the cards great for high spenders who are looking to be rewarded for their purchases.

Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard

The Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard features a 5% miles bonus every time the customer redeems their current miles. This can be very handy if a customer has accumulated a high number of miles. They can carry over 5% of these miles into their next redemption.

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The Travel Rewards Card features no foreign transaction fee. This fits perfectly into the cards’ theme of being travel-friendly.

Both of these cards are excellent choices for customers who travel frequently for any reason. They both have very generous rewards systems set up for customers who are frequent users’ of the card. Customers who are looking for a new primary credit card cannot go wrong with either of these cards, so as long as they have a good credit score.