Discover offers a total of 7 credit cards including cash back, travel, student and secured credit cards. Discover it card is the most popular cash back card issued by Discover. Discover it has a rewards program that allows you to redeem 5% cash back everytime you spend money on rotating categories. Spending in the rest of the categories are qualified for a 1% cash back. Discover it card provides a zero percent intro period that lasts for 14 months for both purchases and balance transfers.

NHL Discover it Card offers similar features to Discover it card including the cash back rewards program and introduction period. The only difference is that you can customize the design of the NHL Discover it credit card with your favorite NHL team design. Discover it Gas and Restaurant card offers a 2% cash back for both restaurant and gas for up to a spending limit of $1,000. You can still redeem a 1% cash back on other purchases.

Discover it Miles is the only travel card that Discover offers. Discover it Miles provides cardholders with the opportunity to earn 1.5x miles. The accumulated miles can be redeemed for cash or discount in the travel purchases you made with the card. Every 100 miles is equivalent to $1. Discover it Miles provides 14 months intro period for purchases only.

Discover offers 2 student credit cards including Discover it chrome card for students and Discover it card for students. Discover it chrome card for students is providing up to 2% cash back for both gas and restaurant purchases for up to $1,000 along 1% cash back on all other purchases. On the other hand, Discover it card for students offers 5% cash back on quarterly rotating categories up to the spending limit that is set in each quarter with 1% cash back with all other purchases. Both student cards is offering 6 months intro period for purchases.

Discover it Secured Credit Card is a real credit card that requires a minimum deposit of $200. The security deposit is refundable when you close your account. Discover it Secured Credit Card comes with a cash back program that offers 2% cash back on restaurant and gas for the first $1,000 that you spend in every quarter. The rest of the purchases you made with the secured credit card will still qualify you for a 1% cash back for every dollar you spend. You can use Discover it Secured Credit Card to build your credit history as it report to all 3 credit bureaus. All Discover credit cards does not have annual fee charges and they will match the cash back for all cards at year end.