The Citi Rewards+ Credit Card is a great credit card for anyone with a credit score between 670-850. That credit score range makes it best suited for people who have good to excellent credit scores. The Capital One SavorOne Credit Card is also recommended for individuals who have credit scores between 670-850. Both of these cards’ highly selective credit score range make them best geared for financially responsible people.

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Capital One SavorOne Card is Awesome for Consumers Who Love Eating Out

The Citi Rewards+ Card has a regular APR range between 15.74% and 25.74%. Customers who have credit scores closer to 850 will enjoy an APR closer to 15.74%. Meanwhile, card holders with much lower credit scores will have an APR closer to 25.74%. The Capital One SavorOne Card has an APR range between 18.24% and 26.24%. Once again, customers with better credit scores will see their personal APR much closer to 18.24%. Both of these credit cards have fairly high APR ranges, but the Citi Rewards+ has a slightly lower APR range. These credit cards’ high APR rates make them best for customers who can pay their credit card bill on time.

Citi Rewards+ Card Amazing Benefits and Perks For 2021

Both the Citi Rewards+ Card and the Capital One SavorOne Card feature a $0 annual fee. This is perfect for any customer looking to avoid paying any fee for simply owning a credit card.

The Citi Rewards+ has a point system that rewards its cardholders one point for every dollar spent. This applies for all purchases made and has no limit on amount spent. Citi also offers card holders double points for the first $6,000 spent on purchases at supermarkets and gas stations. After $6,000, the normal single point system applies to all purchases made. The Capital One SavorOne Card has a much more generous point system for its customers. It offers 3% points back on dining and entertainment, 2% at the grocery store, and 1% on all other purchases. When looking at applying for a credit card, customers who value a point system will highly consider the Capital One SavorOne Card because it is truly one of the most competitive in the market.

Citi Rewards+ offers a 15,000 point introductory bonus if the customer spends $1,000 in the first 3 months of card usage. These points can be redeemed for $150 worth of gift cards at Capital One also offers SavorOne card holders a simple $150 bonus after $500 worth of spending in the first 3 months of card usage. These introductory bonuses make both cards attractive to high-spending customers.

The Citi Rewards+ Card gives its customers a special 12 month introductory APR of 0%. The Capital One SavorOne Card has the same 0% introductory APR, but it lasts for 15 months instead of 12. This makes the SavorOne card slightly better for its introductory APR.

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The Citi Rewards+ Card brags to be the only credit card to round its customers’ points up to the nearest ten points. This allows customers to add extra points when they go to redeem their points for cash or gift cards.

The Capital One SavorOne Card has no foreign transaction fees for its card holders. This is excellent for customers who are frequent travelers who want to avoid paying a fee for purchases made outside the country.