NFL credit cards: support your team in style

If you’re a hard-core football fan, this is the most exciting time of the year. You made it through the off-season, followed the National Football League draft zealously, watched the mini-camps and the preseason games.
But now all the preparation ends and the games begin to count. Whether you’re a fan of the Cleveland Browns or the Green Bay Packers, the goal is the same — to cheer your team on to a Lombardi Trophy.

There are many ways to show support for your favorite team. Some of us do that from the couch. Others cheer from the stands. Still more show support by wearing team apparel in the form of ball caps, jerseys, t-shirts and socks. For die hard fans, your whole wardrobe is just one more opportunity to fly the team colors.
But there is one more way to show team pride you might not be familiar with. Instead of flying the team colors on your chest, you can fly them in your wallet, by using a NFL team credit card.

Not only can you support your favorite team, you also might just save a little money — money that can be spent on buying next season’s tickets!

The NFL Extra Points Credit Card program allows users to get a card bearing the logo of any of the NFL’s 32 teams. The officially-licensed card has a number of money-saving features.
Users of the card earn bonus points that can be used to get deep discounts on NFL-related items such as tickets and apparel. Users also earn double points for each dollar spent at stadium pro shops and websites selling official NFL merchandise. While supporting your team and saving money might sound great, that’s not the best part if you’re a real hard-core football fan.

The Extra Points Credit Card program also gives users the chance to win hard-to-get tickets to big events (like playoff games or even the Super Bowl) and behind-the-scenes events like team press conferences. Opportunities such as these are once-in-a-lifetime thrills for true NFL fans.

While the NFL Extra Points Credit Card program may require you to apply for a new card, fans who don’t want to go that route have options too. Many of the major credit card companies offer you the option to have card issued with your favorite team’s colors and logo. Generally these cards are available at no extra charge and they often include team-related discounts.

So if you want the chance to become a truly hard-core fan of your favorite NFL team, consider supporting your team in style by using a NFL team credit card. Your team isn’t always guaranteed to win on the field, but you can be a winner by taking advantage of the bonuses available to NFL team card holders.

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