Winning Big with the Right Cash Back Credit Card

Cash back credit cards come with very enticing offers, but determining the one that will work hardest for you can be difficult. However, if you can narrow the details down and match your shopping tendencies with the most favorable cash back terms, you can win big as a consumer.

The Market Standard

Cash back credit cards are designed to reward consumers for what they already do best: Spend money. Market standards are typically steadfast across the board for all credit card companies with minor variations. Therefore, comparing the specific deals that will work best for you is relatively easy. You should enjoy a zero percent interest introductory period, which can last up to 15 months or even more. Carefully scan the fine print for the regular APR, and don’t accept anything too far over 15 percent. A few cards hold it down to a comfortable 12.99 for consumers with exceptional credit, so make sure you don’t get a bewildering surprise after the intro rate expires. The cash back you earn will vary considerably, depending on what you buy and your total spending.

Something Simple

Cash back credit cards unfortunately come with a few paragraphs of complex terms and conditions to decode. For many, this is simply too much effort to have to put in. If this sounds like you, find a card with simple and clear guidelines for earning cash back. Visa promotes an appealing and uncomplicated package where you can earn one percent on everything you buy without an annual fee. The card boasts an APR of less than 10 percent too, which makes budgeting your monthly bill much easier. With a simple card, you never have to worry if you’re buying the right items at the right time to earn the coveted cash back. Simply shop as usual, be punctual with payments and you are home free with rewards.

Your One and Only

If your spending habits follow a set pattern all or most of the time, you should be able to find a perfect cash back card. The perfect card for you is one that pays you for that set pattern. For example, if Costco is your favorite shopping destination, American Express has the cash back card for you! They offer huge rewards on fuel purchases made at Costco, along with an impressive zero percent introductory APR and no annual fee for members of the giant retailer’s shopping circle. If you enjoy a variety of stores and shopping categories, find a card with rotating benefits. This simply means a huge pay off on groceries now, and perks for fuel or restaurants later. Sifting through the many cash back credit card offers, you should be able to find your one and only card. Once you’ve found it, plan your shopping carefully to meet the specific criteria and maximize purchase power.

Make It a Double

Many people opt for more than one cash back reward card to simplify life and capitalize on rewards. One card is used for everyday shopping with the bonuses coming from accumulated spending, and the other for specific purchases that yield tremendous returns. The key to winning with a combination of cards is knowing when to whip out which particular piece of plastic.

Cash back credit cards are a dream come true for avid shoppers and a savings paradise for the more conservative spenders. When chosen well and used properly, the consumer wins big. That makes for a nice change.