Top Travel Credit Cards 2021 – Review New Card Offers and Deals

How to Find the Top Travel and Hotel Credit Card Deals

Travel and hotel rewards credit cards make venturing far from home that much more enjoyable, and can even be enough of an incentive to get you heading for the airport when you would have otherwise kept your vacations local. Bonuses, freebies and perks leave you feeling like a VIP and keep travel high on your list of favorite things to do. We help you find the top card offers from Southwest, American Airline, Delta, Spirit, Lufthansa and great hotel offers from Marriot, Hilton, Holiday Inn and more online.

top travel cards for 2021

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Know What Kind of Spender You Are

For travel and hotel credit cards, there are basically three types of spenders. You either travel all the time on business, travel with loyalty to certain brands or scour the earth in order to save every last possible dime. Base your search for a travel rewards card on one of these profiles and maximize your savings and perks.

Keep Your Credit Clean

Despite the many advantages to travel rewards cards, you need to be careful about how you use them the same way you would with regular credit cards. The lure of free airline tickets, hotel rooms and even cash back can tempt you into overspending very easily. However, if you stay within your personal budgetary limits, these cards can work wonders for you!

Set the Bar High

There are many companies competing for your business, therefore, you should end up with a very impressive rewards package. For example, instantly receiving a large number of redeemable bonus points as soon as you sign up is the first order of business. Find a card that sets you up comfortably for your first trip with savings and other incentives. From that point on, every dollar you spend with that card should be working towards your next take-off.

Look for Bonuses You Will Use

Earn more points faster by shopping for the brands you already prefer or doing the things you would do even without the incentive. Aim for three rewards points for each dollar you spend if possible and look for the minimum spending restriction that falls within your existing budget. In other words, you shouldn’t be jumping through hoops to earn what is rightfully yours. Your travel and hotel credit card should complement your existing spending habits, unless you are planning to take up travel more often or for the first time.

Review the Top New Airline and Hotel Offers from Chase, Barclay Card, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Capital One and American Express Cards in 2021 To Get The Best Deals

Apply to Your Top Three
Although you may find many appealing offers, be aware that every time you apply for a new card your credit score takes a small hit. Narrow down the field according to how each travel rewards card helps you personally, then send in an application on only the best of them. If you find an irresistible rewards program offered by a new card later on down the line, it’s okay to cancel your old one to take advantage. Just be sure to keep your credit report in good standing with each one.

When you love to travel, rewards credit cards can leave you feeling like a kid in a candy store. Get your hands on the card that will get you further for less, give you free stays and upgrades, and reward you for doing what you already enjoy doing.

Top Rated Travel Cards Best Credit Cards We Reviewed This Month

StarwoodAMEX Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Card
– Receive 25,000 bonus points with $3000 of spending during the first three months
– No foreign transaction fees (great for travelers)
– $0 Annual fee for the first year, $95 thereafter

capitaloneventure1. Capital One Venture Card
Key Factors
– Earn 2 miles with each $1 spent
– 40,000 bonus miles with $3000 in purchases during first 3 months
– Miles never expire
– No foreign transaction fees
– $59 annual fee (waived first year)

barclayrewards2. Barclay Arrival World Mastercard
Key Factors
– 20,000 bonus miles with $1000 in purchases during first 90 days
– 1 mile on all purchases, 2 miles for all travel related purchases
– No foreign transaction fees
– Complimentary Fico Scores with your statement

CapitalOneVentureOne3. CapitalOne – Venture One Rewards Card
Key Factors
– 1.25 miles for every $1 in purchases
– 20,000 bonus miles if your spend $2,000 in first 90 days
– 0% intro APR for first 12 months
– No limit on miles
– No foreign transaction fees
– No annual fees

travel_chase_Cards4. Chase Sapphire
Key Factors
– 50,000 bonus points with $4000 in purchases during first 90 days
– 1 point for all purchase, 2 points for dining and travel
– No limits on points, and points never expire
– Annual fee waived for year one, $95 thereafter

bankamericatravel5. Travel Rewards Card
Key Factors
– 1.5 points with each $1 in purchases
– 0% APR for first 12 months
– No limit on points, points never expire
– No foreign transaction fee

Gold_Delta_skyMiles6. American Express Gold Delta Skymiles
Key Factors
– 1 point on all purchases, 2 points on gas and groceries, 3 point on airline tickets
– 25,000 rewards points if you spend $2,000 during first 90 days
– Access to exclusive member benefits
– $175 annual fee (waived first year)

CreditCards_hidden5 7. United Mileage Plus Explorer Card
Key Factors
– 30,000 bonus miles with $1000 in purchases during first 90 days
– Earn 1 mile with each $1 spent
– First check bagged is free (Save up to $100 on round trip flights)
– Miles never expire
– No foreign transaction fees
– $95 annual fee (waived first year)

Other travel, airline and hotel cards to consider
Citi Platinum Select/AA Advantage Card
American Express Gold Delta Miles
Citi Hilton Honors Visa Card
American Express Travelocity Card
Wyndham Rewards Visa Card
Priceline Rewards Visa Card
Luftansa Premier Mastercard
US Bank Flex Perks Travel Card
Chase United Mileage Card
Visa Black Card
British Airways Visa Signature Card
American Express Blue Sky
US Airway Premier World Mastercard