If someone has a credit card with a balance that’s constantly going up then one solution for paying off that balance is to transfer it to another card which won’t charge any additional interest on that balance for some time. This gives those with debt a bit of breathing room, and it allows them to pay down that debt. The following credit cards offer zero percent balance transfers into 2016, and that makes them an ideal solution for those who need this kind of aid.

Discover Card

The Discover card offers a very generous zero percent APR rate on all balance transfers for the first 18 months someone has the card. Purchases made with the card have the same zero percent rate for the first six months, but after that all new purchases will have the card’s normal interest rate. The card has no annual fee, but it does require an excellent credit history in order to qualify.


The Visa requires excellent credit to qualify for as well, but it offers a zero percent interest rate on all balance transfers for the first 15 billing cycles. This is the same as the introductory rate for new purchases, but it should be mentioned that only “qualifying” balance transfers will receive the zero percent interest umbrella. So before someone tries to get this card, it’s best to check and make sure it will be more of a help than a hindrance.

Citi Simplicity

The Simplicity card from Citi bank provides an 18 month introductory period where there’s no interest on any balance transfers put on the card. However, it should be noted that there is either a $5 fee per transfer, or three percent of the total transfer, whichever is greater. The regular APR interest rate varies from 12.99 percent to 21.99 percent, depending on the individual. Lastly, this card requires an excellent credit score in order to qualify.

Capital One Quicksilver

The Capital One Quicksilver card is available to those who have excellent or good credit and who want a card that has a zero percent balance transfer until February 2016. There’s no annual fee on this card, but once the APR interest rate does kick in it will vary from between 12.9 to 20.9 percent.

These are not the only cards offering a zero percent interest rate on balance transfers into the year 2016, but they are some of the most well-known. Credit card shoppers should always check all of their options though, before choosing which card is right for them.